About Us

OnlineAccess Kiosks was founded in 1999 and is proudly South African.

We are a highly skilled team with 15 years of design and engineering experience. We design, engineer and locally manufacture customized, self-service, touchscreen kiosk solutions to meet the African market. We strive to meet your company’s needs, enhance your customer’s experience and epitomize your brand.

Intelligence and innovation in our methodologies allow us to deliver exceptional products at highly competitive prices. Quality is our top priority and we have the facilities and equipment required to deliver customised kiosks with unrivaled durability. Continuous quality improvement and cost refinement is a fundamental pillar in our company’s culture.

We have an international client base and we are able to produce and deliver kiosks globally.


Our experienced management makes sure that all your needs are met timeously.

Our mission is to surpass your expectations!


Our manufacturing team consists of highly skilled employees who continually meet the high quality standards our company is committed to.